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Inspiration for Mosaic Murals

February 4, 2010 , , , , , , ,

For the spring session of Triple Exposure, I have decided to do a mosaic mural with my art classes, hopefully somewhere in the neighborhood. I have never done a mosaic mural before but I have seen how they can completely transform the neighborhoods they are done in. In Philadelphia, USA, there is a famous mosaic muralist named Isaiah Zagar who I have gotten a lot of inspiration from. He has done a number of large mosaic murals using tiles and mirrors and, by doing so, not only creates an image on a wall but also a piece of art that interacts with light and its surroundings. As I researched more of Zagar’s murals, I began thinking about how amazing it would be to do something similar in the refugee camps and neighborhoods where the children from my class come from. I think it would allow my students to truly transform the areas where they live. And, because of the way a mosaic mural can integrate reflections and light, it has the potential to open up some of the small and narrow passageways in the camps, while also beautifying them.

Below are some mosaic murals by Zagar.



Photo Credits:,,

– Kelsey, Project Coordinator


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