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Nablus: How Things Are Made and the People Who Make Them

August 1, 2010 , , , , , , , ,

In addition to learning how to create beautiful images and generally having a rocking time exploring Nablus, my photography class this summer has learned about the many ways in which a photograph can tell a story. In class we have focused on two ways to tell a story in a photo: first, through profiling a person, and second, through documenting a process

The Old City of Nablus houses a veritable collection of workshops, mini-factories, bakeries, metal shops,  carpenter shops, and the Nabulsi favorite: sweets shops!  Our second trip to this part of town hence focused on the unofficial theme: “Nablus: How Things are Made and the People Who Make them.” The kids had a lovely time visiting an olive oil soap factory,  a metal-working shop, a bakery, a pastry shop, and (my personal favorite, a place I’ve visited for freebies way too many times) a candy factory.

See a sample of the resulting photos below:

– Doris, Triple Exposure Coordinator and photo teacher


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