Triple Exposure

Triple Exposure

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Mosaic Mania!

September 30, 2010 , , , , , , , ,

Triple Exposure mural students have truly stunned us with the beauty and originality of the mosaic murals which are now complete. The first mural, titled “Representations of Palestine” by the students, features olive trees, flowers, and butterflies to celebrate the beauty of the landscape around Nablus. This mural overlooks the TYO parking lot and thus brightens the day of every child, parent, and visitor who comes to our center for classes, meetings, or specifically to see it. :)

“Representations of Palestine”


The second mural, which faces a central highway of Nablus and is therefore seen by a great number of the city’s residents on a daily basis, features the students themselves: the mosaic depicts kids flying kites in the hills outside Nablus.

“Kite-Flying in the Hills”

We are immensely proud of our talented mural students and their class volunteers and teacher for producing these astounding pieces of art! You can visit our multimedia galleries or mural galleries to see photos of the students working on the murals.


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