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The Lighter Side of Growing Up in Palestine

March 14, 2011 , , , , , , , , ,

One of my favorite things about working with Triple Exposure since September of 2009 has been getting to watch the kids grow up. Our photography and mural art classes are aimed at kids around 11 years old and up; it is usually that age group that is most open to discussing their identities, beginning to learn a craft, and expressing their creativity and emotions through their art.

This means that I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the universal experience of turning into a teenager: Palestinian edition. As Project Coordinator, I teach a photography class each session and get to know these groups of kids closely, but I’m also responsible for tracking the participation and progress of the kids in the three other photography and mural art classes. So there’s never a shortage of formerly shy and unassuming girls and boys who will one day come to class or walk into my office with a new saunter in their step, a new and stylish hairdo, jeans now tucked low or worn tight, newly matching handbags and shoes… the list goes ever on. My barely-contained giggles never cease.

Let me provide a few examples.

Meet Mohammed Tibi:

and Mumin Salhi:

The above photos are from the photography class I taught in the fall of 2009.

Here are Mohammed (bottom right, in the green shirt)

and Mumin (on the left below) a year later at the “Suwarna” Children’s Photography Exhibition in Nablus. Notice the hair and “I’m a man” stances?

Cool as ice! But always sweet, and always supremely lovable.

Mohammed at the “Suwarna” Children’s Photography Exhibition

– Doris, Project Coordinator


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