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April 9: A Children’s Photography Exhibition at the National Children’s Museum in Maryland!

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The West Bank is a place that never fails to attract media attention for its politics and conflict and history, but what gets much less attention is what the life of a Palestinian is really like. Even less known is what the life of a Palestinian child is like, since, being too young to write novels or poems or articles or songs, younger Palestinian children are usually forced to allow the older generations to speak for them. The story of how a young boy or girl grows up to become the person we then read about in the news is so rarely told, and rarely is it told without the interference of someone else’s interpretation.

The simplicity of a point-and-shoot digital camera allows us to begin to breach this gap in storytelling and expression. Since 2009, students at TYO have been taking home digital cameras to photograph and share their lives. TYO’s and Triple Exposure’s exhibition of the children’s photography ran in the West Bank last year.

It is now moving to the States for the first time!  Come see their photography at an event on April 9 to be held at the National Children’s Museum in National Harbor, Maryland.

What: Nablus Celebration: food, activities, storytelling, photography, and more
Where: The NCM Launch Zone, 112 Waterfront St., National Harbor, MD 20745 Launch Google Maps
When: Saturday, April 9, 2011 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Who: Open to the public and family friendly!
Cost: FREE!

We hope you can join us!


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